i waited. but it was hopeless.

i read yours. yes i was. am not reading your blog. but it was from your other networking stuff. speechless.... enuff said! YES I WAITED FOR YOU. WAITED FOR YOU TO SPEAK IT UP. TO SAY IT OUT LOUD. but what did i get was hopeless. useless. damn am stupid! frankly speaking i kept on thinking about you. not that frequent but at least i remembered you. but you weren't.  but the one i read just now was captured my attention A LOT! well i guess i know who i am. i should look back into the mirror and have to say sorry for myself for letting my stupid emotions control everything! i dont give a damn space for my mind to decide wise ideas and thoughts above my do's and don'ts about....err particularly about this one. ok then. just do whatever you like. got a month more to stay focused on my thesis as well as my final exams. wish me luck...academically. i don't mind about my love faith anymore. it wont work well afterall...the case has finally closed. ;)