what's friends are made for

It's good for our friends to appreciate the value of friendship instead of taking for granted of what they had. Think about it friends... =]

grape-ing, grape-ing, grape-ing!

oh man! it's almost 3 months but me..still keep on eating 'GRAPES'!!! gosh....I am exactly have no idea what am I going to do next. it's good to travel around, going here and there but still...NO INCOME GOING IN. I need it so BADLY peeps...haihhh COBAAN3... seriously. maybe during fasting month if there's still no 'fruits' for me to eat then I am going to make in a drastic way. positive way I mean. desperado.

pray for my good luck friends ;)

am worried!

yes i am. i am so damn bloody worried! i have so many thing that crossed my mind. with so many thing happened all at the same time.

1. i've been diagnosed --> gastric. =]
2. my parents --> not very well recently
3. my...... hurmmm is not very well too
4. job hunting makes me totally sick!

for num 2 and 3: please stay with me always. i need all of you so badly. my backbone. forever i will pray for your best condition of health.

and for these people: this song suits perfectly. BoB ft Hayley Williams - Airplanes

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, Wish right now
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, Wish right now

I could use a dream or a genie or a wish
To go back to a place much simpler than this
Cause after all the partying
The smashing and crashing
And all the glitz and the glam and the fashion
And all the pandemonium and all the madness
There comes a time when you fade to the blackness
When you're staring at that phone in your lap
And hopin' but them people never call you back
But that's just how the story unfolds
You get another hand
Soon after you fold
And when your plans unravel in the sand
What would you wish for if you had one chance?
So airplanes airplanes
Sorry I'm late
I'm on my way
So don't close that gate
If I don't make that
Then I switch my flight
And I'll be right back at it
By the end of the night

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, Wish right now
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, Wish right now

Somebody take me back to the days
Before this was a job
Before I got paid
Before it ever mattered what I had in my bank
Yeah back when i was trying to get a tip at Subway
Back when I was rapping for the hell of it
But now days we rapping to stay relevant
I'm guessing that if we can make some wishes out of airplanes
Then maybe oh maybe I'll go back to the days
Before the politics that we call the rap game
And back when ain't nobody listened to my mixtape
And back before I tried to cover up my slang
But this is for decater
What's up Bobby Ray
So can I get a wish to end the politics
And get back to the music that started this shit
So here I stand
And then again i say
I'm hoping we can make some wishes out of airplanes

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, Wish right now
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
Wish right now, Wish right now

ich liebe dich.....

it's dusty

lots of things happened. maybe at least i can update abt that. unfortunately the internet wasnt that good enough for me to post. i wish i could make it. be patient k peeps! =D

i have a few photos that i want to share w all of you. tmrw i guess it will be a good time for me to upload and rearrange all of them. stay tuned!

when i look at you

Everybody needs inspiration
Everybody needs a song
Beautiful melody, when the nights so long

Cause there is no guarantee
That this life is easy (Yeah)
When my world is falling apart,
when there is no light to break up the dark
That's when I (I, I) look at you
When the waves are flooding the shore and I
can't find my way home anymore
That's when I (I, I) look at you

When I look at you
I see forgiveness, I see the truth
You love me for who I am like the stars
hold the moon
Right there where they belong and I know
I'm not alone (Yeah)

When my world is falling apart,
when there is no light to break up the dark
That's when I (I, I) look at you
When the waves are flooding the shore and I
can't find my way home anymore
That's when I (I, I) look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore and I
can't find my way home anymore
That's when I (I, I) look at you

You appear just like a dream to me
Just like kaleidoscope colors that cover me
All I need every breath that I breathe
Don't you know you're beautiful (Yeah, Yeah)

When the waves are flooding the shore and I
can't find my way home anymore
That's when I (I) look at you

You appear just like a dream to me.

a lovely song that sang by miley cyrus
it's a sound track from THE LAST SONG that will be released soon
based on the novel that been written by nicholas sparks
and i also got a copy of its original book *am still reading it* =p

it's a young teenage love story ppl
the same author as for the novel of A WALK TO REMEMBER
so am guessing you guys will get a brief idea on how the storyline looks like..hehe
that's why i cant wait to finish up my reading as well as waiting for the movie to be released

after went back from langkawi

salam..aloha peeps?? *taking a deep breathe* hehe.. yesterday i came back here around 230 am local time. damn tired! slept for almost a whole trip i guess... =p

not much to share. but one thing for sure, I HAD FUN! weehuuuuuu! seriously. having a vacation with friends for sure will give lotsa sweet memories. even there were parts when we were attending the conference and we were like almost losing our minds what on earth are we doing in here?? boring to the max! it was like schoolers going to listen some sort of phD's talk. of course they'll blurr and know almost nothing. same goes to us! dingggg

the best moment for me was bermandi-manda at pantai cenang. we spotted the place to mandi for almost half an our ok..haha. after we decided then we jumped straight to the sea. so warm! hehe. with the girls were like doing train-pye-bentuk-sort-of-thing, while the boys were like doing sumo-thing, baling orang etc...haha!

so tht's all for the report. if there's any updated story then i'll let u guys know ok! *wink2*

sayonara peeps...(for a while) ;)

tonite, about 9pm i guess 20 of us (geology ukm 07/10) are heading to pulau langkawi. aahhh3...not going for vacation okeyp! hehe... it's a conference thingy, mainly abt geopark worldwide that will be held at awana porto malai, langkawi.

activities: conference (well we have to =p), cuci-cuci mata-ing, completing formation evaluation's exercise, editing thesis and of cos la having fun w friends at pantai cenangg!!!! *heaven!* ngeeee

so im going to see u guys back on 14th april...pray for our safety k..long way to go. muahh3!!


kelu lidah berkata-kata bila terlihat..................

i love you friends! xoxo ;)

takut terkantoi

ya. saya takut diri ini akan terkantoi bila seseorang akan baca blog ini terutama pada entry2 yang lama. harap2 manusia ini a.k.a kawan baik saya itu tidak membacanya. sebab banyak namanya disebut-sebut dalam blog saya. tidak tahu mengapa ayat saya ini menjadi sangat formal seperti mendapat gred bahasa melayu band 6. saya cuma takut. takut terkantoi. kalau sudah terkantoi saya akan buat face-off. harap2 berkesan. kalau tak juga saya memang takkan jumpa dengan dia dah. bukan sebab mengutuk dirinya akan tetapi entry2 senget saya yang banyak melibatkan namanya takut membuatkan dirinya terfikir ke arah lain. saya tiada niat apa2 cuma beremosi sahaja pada waktu entry ditaip. memang saya sekarang tidak duduk senang. terima kasih.

i waited. but it was hopeless.

i read yours. yes i was. am not reading your blog. but it was from your other networking stuff. speechless.... enuff said! YES I WAITED FOR YOU. WAITED FOR YOU TO SPEAK IT UP. TO SAY IT OUT LOUD. but what did i get was hopeless. useless. damn am stupid! frankly speaking i kept on thinking about you. not that frequent but at least i remembered you. but you weren't.  but the one i read just now was captured my attention A LOT! well i guess i know who i am. i should look back into the mirror and have to say sorry for myself for letting my stupid emotions control everything! i dont give a damn space for my mind to decide wise ideas and thoughts above my do's and don'ts about....err particularly about this one. ok then. just do whatever you like. got a month more to stay focused on my thesis as well as my final exams. wish me luck...academically. i don't mind about my love faith anymore. it wont work well afterall...the case has finally closed. ;)

love you guys!!

salam...hello peeps! how was your weekend?? sorry guys for not updating this blog..it's been awhile ya..hehe. well, i'm too damn bz. at last i already submitted my thesis. well that wasnt the final one. there's one more. more to come! haihhh....

tmrw all of my batch: i mean referring to my coursemates Geology UKM 07/10 are goin to klcc, early in the morning for pgce --> pgce's technical ppr 2 days in a row. im sure it's goin to give a good experience for all of us. ;)

back to my title actually..hehe. i'd like to take this oppurtunity to greet my new friends here!!! holla girlsss! thanks a million for dropping by and be my followers for this such awful blog =p.  insyaAllah i will update this blog asap k! muah3!!!!

GEO CAREER DAY EXPO officially ended.

alhamdulillah. at last our brand new GEO CAREER DAY EXPO has finally ended last evening. from very own --> my batch: proudly say 3rd yr batch of geology department, ukm. pls give a big applause to all the committee dammit! =DD i was just played a very very minor part but still i felt overwhelmed, excited, damn proud and congrats to all especially shilla for making this event a success and walllaaaah..it was superb man! 

but to you mr so-called king, pls don't proud of yourself. even to our lecturer, prof wan fuad, that filthy king just dont really show his manners. hello! you came to other's place and you made it like it was yours! korekla kepala sikit! dahla malukan kawan aku kat depan khalayak ramai. and ko takyahla nak demand lebih sangat bai. macamla tinggi tahap dewa sangat english ko. tak sedar diri. cukupla kalau ada 5 orang yang perangai macam ko dkt gov admin surely i'll say that malaysia is gonna collapse at any time w/o warning!

nak report kat dekan la. call sume lecturer la. who are you to make all those actions?? our leader?? our NC?? our godfather?? for god's sake! wanted to kick your *** la bro. nikmat hidup di dunia ni Allah kalau nak tarik sekejap je. and recently Allah bayar cash! so beringatla. jangan bangga dengan pangkat ko, nama ko, gaji 1 hari ko tu. tengok sajala billionaire melayu kita syed bukhari. tak hairanla dia kaya banyak kebajikan dia buat especially kat kedah and so kind to his workers. aku tahu sebab pakcik aku kerja di bawah dia. orang macam tu jadi idola atau sebagai contoh kepada anak2 muda takpela. kalau macam ko mekaseh jela yek!

so people! be good to people. be kind. don't scold ppl in front of others. it's totally rude! it's not the way to educate ppl in that way. think before you act! ok?? i know my friends wont do such irritating actions like someone did just evening.

i dont care about others saying bad things on my batch. ppl's mouth. so lazy to staple each one of them. or maybe if i kapoof-ed them then i'll be so gladful! i love my batch and we did a great job! it's normal to have mistakes. pls bear in mind PERFECTIONISTS --> pada yg perasan. we're not angel or god! so pls stop blaming or condemning at us. tell us nicely if we made mistakes. bukannya ktorg jenis tak mendengar nasihat. whatever it is, just left not more than 2 months already. so to all my coursemates good luck in finishing your thesis(es) and submit it on 22nd of march. i need to finish up by 15th to show it to my daddy before making 2 copies together w a poster.

at um during schlumberger's talk

at  MAKMAL PETA during our first rehearsal. don't hv to change to MAP's LAB la pkck KING oiiii!! 

to my dearly geologists: ganbatte ne! =D


something happened to me just now. just midnite. nothing serious was happened. but..because of that it makes me to think harder. to be more careful next time. i wish i could turn back time. to change the reality that already took its place! somehow after that i kept on looking on quotes. it attracted me so well! don't you think so! ;)

well i hope these quotes could motivate yourself more than myself. sometimes i'm not sure what's exactly that i want and what the things that i am hunting for. or myb i'm hunting for you! =]


last two days i've made this new account --> TUMBLR!! hehehe..it was totally fun! fast and very flexible! yeahhhh! you could check out my tumblr at the right hand side of my blog. do view k!

lovesss ;))


after all today i was so damn tired. seriously. i managed to finish up my assignments. just like hell! pain all over the body. i need a massage people. anyone?? hurm...

i don't know what's wrong w me now. i don't feel sleepy at all. feel so fresh and energetic! great! haha. and so many things actually happened to me. a lot! too many! happiness..sadness. almost everything! but one thing for sure. i don't like and love YOU the way i did last time! nope! it's gone. the reasons: because that guy has been so cold to me, i don't see his interest on me and thirdly i guess i'm just nothing to him. of cos it makes sense! well i don't mind. kalau orang dah diam dgn kita so kita pon diam jela. takkan nak terhegeh-hegeh2 lagi kan?? ;)

i just have not more than 3 months already to stay in ukm. another one month to go to complete my unfinished thesis. and i don't even studied or revised properly. kept on doing w lab thing,  drawings for thesis. haihh..so messed up! hope i could stay even longer. sure i will! i need to be strong! and hell ya i won't show up my weaknesses towards my enemies! and please i really need your prayers friends.. =]]

like previous times, i failed again (for the love story part). even i wasn't trying so hard but well..i know. it won't work that well. i need to search for others (men ok!) that could treat me well, pamper me, love me, accept me the way i am, can get along, respect my family...but why myself so hard to get at least one of these?? why?? kalau dah jumpa yang solo tapi yang jenis melayan. tak pun minat kat yg lawa je, yg free hair. kalau dah jumpa, baik semua tapi dah ada. hahaha... really amused me alottt!! sebab tu la namanya dugaan. kan2??

well, that's why i'm feeling so grateful and blessed to have such wonderful friends in ukm. especially my men-men! we shared almost everything and been so helpful among others. thank you so much for being there for me! *lovesssss* =DD

my men-men. misal, rudy, miza, tiqa, aki and feeq

my remedy in ukm. =]]

the banders!

haihh...banyak kerja sebenarnya yg sepatutnya dibuat di rumah. tapi almaklumlah kalau dah sampai umah itu. enzim2 malas aku pun terembes dengan sendirinya. tak ada mood! damn. kerja tesis aku bawak jugak tapi2....aku hanya sekadar mampu memandangnya. ada pil rajin tak?? tolong postkan. saya maw!!!!

kelmarin hari yg menggembirakan jugak sebab jumpa dengan my besties. kawan2 rapatku dari form 1 lagi. we have the same interest. MUSIC! what else right?? hehe.. even jumpa dalam 3 jam je tapi seriously best! it was fun ppl! TOTALLY!!

i was so happy lepaking w 'em. thx babes! lupa la kjp mslh aku bila keluar dgn korang. =DD

meet my faffy aka T11. and i'm T7. so ended up as.......7-11!!

my great sax player..miss farah

my eyta..HORNy...horn player k. dont missunderstood!

my dear hetty w her lil sis

now im already started thinking abt them! yess!! they were my best friends since form 1. 9 years ok!. *kissessss*

mak andam tengah mekap farah! slmt eyta tak ternganga.. =D

so banders..really hope i'm gonna meet u guys again on May. after completing my studies =]]


tips for your belly!!

hye peeps!! today im gonna type about fitness kay!!! *whoooaaa.. i've just couldn't believe myself too* =p. i've found this website discussing about flat stomach thru twitter. it means how to get and maintain ur shape especially our center part which is our lovely stomach, the easiest and obvious part to look ungood.. and actually it's a good tips! i hope u all ppl could try all of his advices k..


and there's another one. from the biggest losers asia. you guys shud check this website too! 


so ppl: be healthy. stay healthy. love your bod!! ;)) 

p/s: workout ppl! be a healthy citizen! =D


salam...ya. aku sekarang tengah meng'update' post di awal pagi. atau boleh lagi dikatakan sbg malam buta lagi..hehe. tak kisahla. aku dah mengantok sbnrnye. tapi gagahkan jgk. haha

jangan terkejut dengan tajuk ni pulak. tidak juga berunsurkan islamic. hanya tentang diri sendiri. tentang anda juga. tentang hal sekeliling. tentang orang yang kita sayang....hurm, kawan aku ada cakap sesuatu dekat aku. mula-mula bagi aku benda tu benda biasa. benda yang sentiasa kita dengar. tapi bila dengar dari dia terus jadi laen. seolah-olah aku boleh berfikir dari perspektif atau dari sudut yang laen. aku bukannya nak berfalsafah tapi memang betul apa yang dia cakap. logik dan masuk akal. aku setuju. cumanya bolehkah aku cuba untuk berbuat demikian?? dan kalau aku boleh pon sampai berapa lama aku boleh bertahan?? itu aku sendiri pon tak boleh jawab.

apa yang kawan aku cakapkan tu?? sebenarnya kami ada mulakan suatu topik. tapi topik itu dirahsiakan kay..hehe. lepas tu kawan aku cakap macam ni. "kalau aku, aku nak life single. macam kau. susah bila couple ni wani. byk benda nak kena fikir. benda yg tak sepatotnya fikir pon kau nak fikir. kau nak kena jaga 2 hati. memang leceh. kalau ada pilihan aku memang nak single. penat. jodoh tak ke mana kan. nanti dah sampai seru kita nanti kahwin jugak. Allah dah letakkan jodoh dah untuk semua. kita tak perlu gopoh sekarang." lebih kurang camtu la ayat kawan aku ni.

pastu aku cakap. "yupp..betul2. aku setuju. sebenarnya memang kalau bagi aku memang best life single. and actually kadang2 aku ni rasa bosan. sunyi. seriously. aku cam dah penat macam ni. dah sgt lama aku rasa mcm ni. dan memang aku ni rasanya tak sabar. tak sabar untuk berjumpa dgn org yg sepatotnya."

wat masa ni pulak aku tengah minat dgn seseorang. tapi minat jela. tak boleh lebih2. sebab?? haha.. bia aku sorang je yang tahu. aku dapat rasakan yang aku ni bukan type dia. yup! definitely! aku ni jenis biasa je kot. takde bergaya mana. simple jela. so i wont think he would like at me. nope, i dont think so! sumpah aku akan terkejut beruk kalau dia suka kat aku..hehe. wat masa ni aku berkawan jela dgn dia. tak lebih. dan aku pon tak mahu lebih. takot menyesal lagi. tapi aku suka tgk muka dia. *itu kriteria ke??* haha..whatever! dah aku suka tgk. hehe..tapi dah tau tak dapat usha dari jauh pon ape salahnya. asal tak kantoi dahla. and harap2 sangat dia tak tahu. no way! mana aku nak sorok muka kalau dia taw?? grrrrrrrr

aku cuba untuk bare in mind la kiranya. jgn gopoh! kalau jumpa jumpala kan. mne taw yg aku mnt ni mgkn jodoh aku tapi mgkn bkn skrg kami bertindak?? atau mgkn 'kwn2 rapat' aku dulu yg mnjadi jodoh aku?? atau mungkin aku akan berjumpa di tempat kerja?? atau mungkin orang tu betul2 dekat dgn aku sekarang cuma aku je yang tak perasan?? byk kebarangkalian kan..mmg normal la kalau apa yang dirancang tu kita tak dapat. semuanya hanya berdasarkan MASA. let the time decides everything! ok. aku akan tunggu waktu itu tiba. buat masa ni bia la aku mengusha orang yg aku admire itu..takpe kann??hik3..tak boleh lebih2. dia ni ramai peminat. and seriously i have becoming as his full time stalker. sorry for that coz my feelings keep on asking me to get updated about YOU! no heart feelings aite... =p


ok. mata aku dah mula bagi isyarat. off to bed guys. got discussion tmrw morning as well as my unfinished lab even i dont hv any classes tmrw... 


guten nacht! 10q for your patience reading on this post. =D

me w feeq. so hard to hv photos w her.. =p


kenapa kena jeles??

aku tak paham dengan diri sendiri. kenapa nak kena jeles dengan dia?? aku sape yang nak jeles?? aku ada hak ke?? jadi, perlukah aku kena merasa semua ni?? tapi serius sumpah aku tak tipu aku jeles. padan muka sape suruh gatal tangan pegi bukak facebook dia..nahh kaw! berjela2......

tapi yang aku pelik masa awal2 dia add aku dia tak ada lak taip kat wall aku. memang tak penah kot. TAK! tapi ni lain. berjela-jela msg dia type kt.......wow!! impressed! great new findings huh! aduyai..tolong2! aku tak suka bila aku rasa macam ni. memang tak senang duduk. jadi tak keruan. dah tak tau nak buat ape. blank!

compared to myself memang beza sangatla macam langit dengan bumi. aku tak secantik dia. mungkin tak sepandai dia juga. kotla. yang paling top sekali aku tak se-HOT dia! itu betul! mungkin sebab tu kot. mungkin sebab aku bukan orang kl so aku tak boleh buat lifestyle aku macam orang kl. ada aku kesah?? i'm damn proud to be penangite! so what?? kalau ada orang tak suka aku yang asal dari utara bia la! aku mungkin jenis yang tak menunjuk kalau aku suka kat orang. sape2 yang kenal rapat dengan aku serius akan tau benda ni. aku lebih suka pendam and buat2 macam takde pape. mungkin aku tak sepatotnya buat macam ni. mungkin tindakan aku bodoh tapi memang aku macam ni. aku penah cuba ubah tapi tak boleh jugak. so still salah aku jugak ke kalau aku dah cuba??

sebelum ni aku nampak dia dengan orang laen memang aku sikit pon tak kesah. bila kali ni aku tengok memang aku terdiam! terkejut. terbeliak. i'm speechless. numbed. paralyzed! semua ada. sangat laen bila dengan gadis itu. aku dah mula syg kat dia ke sampai dia msg macam tu aku dah jeles?? aku dari awal perkenalan memang dah boleh agak dia ni jenis yang suka pada perempuan yang hot, cun, lawa, free-hair type. tapi kali ni aku rasa sangat lain.

mungkin aku tak patut rasa macam ni. aku mane ada pape dengan dia. sekai sekala je jumpa. "ada hati ke kaw nak kt dia wani?? dia sikit pon tak pandang kaw. tlgla berhenti berharap dan berangan wani! berpijakla di bumi yang nyata. mungkin orang macam tu hanya nak cari orang urban je. aku dari penang ade orang pandang ke??" dahla. penat je aku menunggu kaw encik. sampai bila2 pon kaw tak akan nampak dan teropong aku. penat jugak aku menjadi tukang pemerhati kaw dari awal kita kenal. do whatever you please. tepuk sebelah tangan memang tak menarek langsung! tambah sakit hati adala.

sekarang memang aku dah belajar dari kesilapan. ok. aku cuba untuk berfikiran optimistik. liberal. and jangan sampai aku end up as lesbo je nnt. obviously tak! even aku dah byk kali failed aku takkan jd seteruk tu nanti. so please stop thinking abt him! he's nothing for me. i shud get someone that concerns more that myself. bukan aku yang terhegeh2 or yang kena tunggu dia! this is not so me! pasni memang aku akan keras hati! dengan kaw. bukan dengan orang laen. kalau kaw tego aku kat mana2 ruangan alam maya memang aku takkan respon blk. bia cakap aku sombong. memang aku dah penat. terima kasih sebab bagi aku rasa macam ni tyme pagi2 buta. dan kaw jugak berjaya bagi air mata menitik jatuh mengikut aliran graviti. aku menyesal kerana menyukai kaw. my biggest mistake! 

i'll let u go like tht balloons. once i let go the rope and u'll be free indeed from my inside. my deepest prayer. =]

sutura bentong raub!

salam..hello peepz. what's up?? well, last 2 days ago me, rudy, tiqa and madey went to bentong, pahang. temaning rudy doing her fieldwork there. i don't really like the way dr. jo aka her superviser for letting her going to fieldwork alone w/o his monitoring or supervising. it was so damn not right! c'mon! this is our 1st tyme doing thesis. please show some advise la..ni bia student die terkontang kantong cari lokaliti. selamat rudy ada kereta. kalau yang takde, kalau macam aku?? memang awal2 lagi aku dah meraung. rudy pon dah berapa kali nanges sebab tempat field dia dah kali ke 4 sekarang kena tukar. kalau kena tukar lagi memang kitorang secara berjemaah akan serang sama itu manusia! heck!!

enuff for the emo thingy. nak share memories je..hehe. at 1st we lepak-ed at ameer ali having our breakfast. roti canai kosong 1! then we headed straight away to bentong. about an hour we reached there. seraching for a locality was not easy though. really tough! sampai belakang rumah ktorang cari. normal! then we had lunch at kfc. kakak cashier itu sumpah terbaek! rudy order dulu. mintak snack plate. pas die aku ngan tiqa tapi wat sekali. 1 dulang. dengan muka yang tak pandang ktorg lalu berkata "nape tak order je skali tadi??" ewah2 cik kak. suke ati laa! kaw amek order sudah. kalau 10 orang beratur mintak snack plate kaw nak wat skali jugak?? gile pandai kann.. pastu hentak2 dulang ngan pinggan depan ktorg. rase cam nak tarek bak die kua dari kaunter. gile takde adab! so korang kalau nak g kfc bentong hati2 la dgn sorg kakak yang tak pasal2 nak cari gaduh ngan customer ni.

banyak nak cite sebenarnye tapi malas lak nak menaip..korang layan jela gamba2 ni eh..hehe

kereta merah rudy

we were just waiting inside, capturing pics while rudy and madey were doing their work outside =p

rudyy..cpt sket wat keje tuh! LOL!

my 1st xperiment putting my phone at the back of rudy's car

that's all from me.. seriously we had fun throughout the whole day!


bentong, pahang [300110]

 for more pics just simply look out at my fb's album: fieldwork sutura raub bentong. =]

terlebey sudey~

yatta!! apa khabar yaa?? hehe. dah seminggu tak update blog. bukan sebab busy tapi sudah tak ada idea atau bahan untuk diceritakan. ada pon kejap lagi bunyinya macam emo lak..huhu. biasala aku. suka buat ayat2 macam tu. hehe

erm, kali ni aku nak share something. tak tahula perlu ke tak aku menulis pasal benda ini. tapi layankan jela ye kawan2. aku rasa aku terlebey sudey. macam tajuk tu. erm, tak tahula. tapi rasanya ye. ape yang aku dah buat?? hurm..ntahla. aku terlebey dalam berkomunikasi. bukan secara depan2 tapi scr sms je. even benda tu bukan depan mata tapi cukup bagi aku untuk merasa malu and rasa tak mahu keluar bilik. grrrrrrr~!!!

rasanya aku cuba ingin berubah. berubah untuk pandai berkomunikasi dan menakis segala perasaan malu aku yang over2 tu. so aku cubala untuk melakukannya dengan baik tanpa ada orang perasan. tapi aku rasa manusia itu mungkin sudah perasan! aduyai...mati2! aku tidak buat pape pun. tapi mungkin sebab aku je kot yang mostly byk 'mula' membuatkan manusia itu mula perasan. damn! hahaha. memang tak lama lagi mamps la aku..hehe. haihhhh..susah2. kenapala hidup manusia ni susah?? apatah lagi yang melibatkan dari dalam. perasaan. benda yang tak boleh paksa. tak pernah meminta untuk suka atau crush on someone. tapi2 perasaan tu yang datang sendiri. aku tak pernah mintak. apatah lagi dah final sem ni. sempat plak la kan nak berkenal-kenalan dalam masa yang hanya tinggal 4 bulan je lagi ni..

tak perlula tahu sape orang tu ye. diam2 sudey. sape yang tahu pon buat2 tak tahu jugak ok. hehe. aku rasa aku perlu stop. stop daripada mula perasaan suka aku ni jadi benda laen. caranya: jangan contact terus! kan2?? rasanya berkesan tak?? harap2 menjadi. perasaan aku ni dahla suka merepek. kalau dilayan tak tahula ape yang nak jadi nanti. so, i should stop. starting from this very moment. lantakla kalau aku sakit nanti. biarla sakit sekarang dari aku sakit kemudian yang mungkin dah tahap icu. huh!

ya Allah, kenapala agaknya pada saat-saat akhir aku di sini aku diuji sebegini rupa? adakah mungkin aku sudah dewasa dan mungkin dah bersedia untuk ini semua? but it's just a tacky thing. i should ignore all of these from the 1st place. bile dah melayan kan dah padan muka. dah susah nak stop. haihhh...nak 'L' jela pasni...lagi pon aku dah pon married dengan kawan aku a.k.a. akie kat facebook..kan syg kan?? hahahaha!

so, kesimpulannya: ntah..hehe. rasanya aku dah pasti dengan satu benda. tak perlu buat pape dah. no more messages. sebarang perbualan di alam maya pon kalau aku nampak aku akan buat bodo je. buat2 tak nampak. unless kalau manusia itu yang mula dulu. xdela aku ignore terus kan. harap2 berkesan even aku kena menipu diri sendiri. aku terpaksa. seriously. sabar jela. takpe2, aku kuatlaa..aku de ramai kawan2 aku. especially men2 aku yang sentiasa mengikuti perkembangan aku..hehe. syg korg. so, bagi mengelakkan aku merepek dengan lebih advance lagi so aku dah bercadang untuk mengaktifkan diri aku esok untuk menemani rudy a.k.a. cik limah untuk ke bentong bersama tiqa untuk fieldwork. itu kawasan rudy. 8 pagi dah gerak. so weekend esok aku kena bangun awal!! dah lama aku tak bangun awal untuk weekend..hehehe

tadi aku turun ke tempat food fair bersama abg nas. dah lama tidak bersua secara dekat. haha! aku dari last sem lagi nk belanja die. sebab ape aku dah tak ingat. hehe. so, dalam 830 camtu ktorg gerak turun ke bawah. beli makanan. pastu teeetttt.......hahaha. watever. dah membeli ktorg lepak jap dekat pc fair. dah bosan tengok orang maen pes ktorg naek atas kat dato. pegi makan kat cafe. dah berkurun aku tak makan kat situ. aku membuka cerita sedikit. tapi cerita abg nas yang paling aku suka. aku mendengar sampai abes ktorg makan. the end. hehehe. dapat jugak aku mengetahui endingnya. thanks bro! salah satu cara aku tak nak meracau untuk malam ni adalah dengan membusykan diri dengan orang lain. connection kan ramai... ;)

tapi tak semua suka dgn cara aku kan..... =]

rough note 2nd episode.

sleepy. yup. by right i need to get the strength to post for this entry.

frankly speaking, i'm a bit different right now.

not because i'm changing to be other person.

someone has changed me. changed me the way i communicate to that person and others.

but, again i've made the mistakes. the same thing i suppose.

damn. what's wrong with you wani?? can't you see that??

open your eyes bigger. as big as you can. if not open your heart wider.

seriously i'm a bit embarrassed. again i failed.

maybe i need to get a new formula. or at least the correct calculations one.

not simply taking any actions to step on.

i'm so sorry friends. i'm just don't even know how to differentiate things clearly.

i'm not that clumsy. i thought i have my own clearer, brighter future for **** thingy.

by just less than two weeks i failed to prove it right.

by the way, thanks for making me happy, smile with your jokes and messages.

i'm thrilled at the beginning. but it's getting cold in the end.

at least you have coloured my life more than i've ever expected.

i hope we can be friends forever. you are totally different from others.

i've just love the way you are. don't change it.

and i hope you don't know all about these. pieces of me.


p/s: it has nothing to do with w. let me keep all of these tightly and alone. but in silence only God knows my feelings on that particular person. love you people.... =] 


ok. today's saturday. here it comes another weekend. for the past 5 days i had so much illnesses. keep of coughing, sneezing all day long. somehow i've been added with the greatness of stomach ache!! serious s*** it was painful. i've never had that kind of pain. ingat dah gastrik ke ape. sakit yang memulas. memang tak tahu macam mane nak bagitau. makan tak makan the effects will be the same. kalau kat bilik mostly aku akan baring. that was the best position for me to minimize the pain. haihh~ 

my roomate misal was worried because she said that my face turned to look differently. on thursday night i had my dinner and that was the peak of my sickness!! i was trying to act cool in front of others but i couldn't. actually i was controlling myself not to cry because the pain was totally different from what i've experienced before. late at nite i took panadol hoping that it will be getting better. well, at least.

yesterday, during classes time, the 'killer' came visited my tummy. stupid! please don't disturb me la time tuh!!! aku nak belajar kot. sumpah sakit. aku dahla memang duduk depan dengan kawan-kawan aku. takkan lah aku nak pergi buat muka kerut2 lak. i'm sweating you know... memang aku bersabar jela. hari jumaat kan. kelas terakhir aku, penilaian formasi aku dapat msg dari kak linda. she texted me asking for lunch together with her. so i was agreed. after my class pon abes at 12pm me and misal walked back and waited at the foyer. naekla kereta k.linda dan keluar makan. at first we went to the post office. k.linda posted something to his abah. then we ate at kedai zaitun, located near azura lama. people said la kan. i was losing my appetite so kalau tengok lauk aku pilih nampak sangat macam orang sakit. hell yeah i'm a sick person =[ . 

then we went to clinic. klinik dr. suraya, beside my uncle punya kedai dobi. the doctor asking me to lay down so she did tekan2 my stomach. uihh..sakit kot. after she detected the area then she advised me not to eat this and that. senang cite kira kena pantangla. aduyai. benda yang aku tak suka betul. nak buat macam mana kan. aku disarankan untuk tak makan makanan yang bersusu, pedas dan berminyak. lemah2. haiyak doctor! i will try my best to obey! ubat kenala rm16. interestingly, one of my medicine is written there 'charcoal tablets'. pergghh..hitam pekat kot. letak je dalam mulut boleh rase butiran2 tu cuba keluar dari the whole thing of tablet tu..aiyark~

p/s: alhamdulillah. i'm getting better. almost 80% recovered already. i need to minimize my spicy foods. how sad... =[

yahoooo...aizat menang~!!!

aku tersenyum girang gile
memang aku menjangkakan yang aizat bakal menang
dan sudah pasti lagu pergi lebih kuat pengaruhnya berbanding kau aku

lagu pergi aku suka sebab dengan kesesuaian jalan ceritanya: TALENTIME
aku nanges kot tengok tyme kt cinema...oopss.ngee
apatah lagi lagunya yang mendayu-dayu
part yang indian woman tu nyanyi aaaaaa je pon dh sedap
followed by dengan gadis melayu bermaen erhu
memang 1malaysia!
aku suke5~!!!!!

second song, kau aku
awal2 aku tengok budak kecil itu aku sudah terlintas di fikiran
siapakah gerangan budak comel itu
yang memaenkan peranan sbg aizat kecil
comey bile part dorg buat head banging skali
yup, it's him
adik weed
memang w ada cerita kat aku adik dia jadi prop
watak utama tu
lagipon w ngan aizat kenal sebab 1 sekolah
st. john institutions
comel kan adik dia??
aku tengok sebiji wey dengan w
fotostatkah mereka??hehe
yang pasti aku dah cakap dengan w
sila bawa adik anda ke ukm. mahu amek gambar sama dia.
dan aku akan pastikan kawan2.
nanti kalau aku dah dapat gambar dia aku postkan kat sini ok
i need your patience guys... =]

so as a conclusion here
aku nak ucapkan tahniah dan syabas kepada aizat and the team
sebab buat yang terbaek and you guys deserved ok!
baek untuk dua-dua lagu
tahniah juga untuk yuna as 1st runner up
dan faizal tahir aka MJ malaysia dah aku tengok
macam style pakai spec aviator won as 2nd runner up
untuk black tahniah dapat vokal terbaek
team aizat lagu kau aku menang persembahan terbaek
kredit dekat adek w ng the gang...sgt comey!!!

p/s: aku happy sangat. tak tahu nape.bukan gewe aku pon yang menang.sumpah happy kawan2.haha~