tips for your belly!!

hye peeps!! today im gonna type about fitness kay!!! *whoooaaa.. i've just couldn't believe myself too* =p. i've found this website discussing about flat stomach thru twitter. it means how to get and maintain ur shape especially our center part which is our lovely stomach, the easiest and obvious part to look ungood.. and actually it's a good tips! i hope u all ppl could try all of his advices k..

and there's another one. from the biggest losers asia. you guys shud check this website too!

so ppl: be healthy. stay healthy. love your bod!! ;)) 

p/s: workout ppl! be a healthy citizen! =D


misal said...

mennnn!!!jom la men kite bersenam!marilah berjogging..ak da buncit melampau gak r..huuu..tatot!

waney jalil said...

yokk!!! kita everyday blk lab awal nnt. kul 5 je brsiap utk jogging. smgt ni. dun let me down babehh!! ngehehe ;)))