ok. today's saturday. here it comes another weekend. for the past 5 days i had so much illnesses. keep of coughing, sneezing all day long. somehow i've been added with the greatness of stomach ache!! serious s*** it was painful. i've never had that kind of pain. ingat dah gastrik ke ape. sakit yang memulas. memang tak tahu macam mane nak bagitau. makan tak makan the effects will be the same. kalau kat bilik mostly aku akan baring. that was the best position for me to minimize the pain. haihh~ 

my roomate misal was worried because she said that my face turned to look differently. on thursday night i had my dinner and that was the peak of my sickness!! i was trying to act cool in front of others but i couldn't. actually i was controlling myself not to cry because the pain was totally different from what i've experienced before. late at nite i took panadol hoping that it will be getting better. well, at least.

yesterday, during classes time, the 'killer' came visited my tummy. stupid! please don't disturb me la time tuh!!! aku nak belajar kot. sumpah sakit. aku dahla memang duduk depan dengan kawan-kawan aku. takkan lah aku nak pergi buat muka kerut2 lak. i'm sweating you know... memang aku bersabar jela. hari jumaat kan. kelas terakhir aku, penilaian formasi aku dapat msg dari kak linda. she texted me asking for lunch together with her. so i was agreed. after my class pon abes at 12pm me and misal walked back and waited at the foyer. naekla kereta k.linda dan keluar makan. at first we went to the post office. k.linda posted something to his abah. then we ate at kedai zaitun, located near azura lama. people said la kan. i was losing my appetite so kalau tengok lauk aku pilih nampak sangat macam orang sakit. hell yeah i'm a sick person =[ . 

then we went to clinic. klinik dr. suraya, beside my uncle punya kedai dobi. the doctor asking me to lay down so she did tekan2 my stomach. uihh..sakit kot. after she detected the area then she advised me not to eat this and that. senang cite kira kena pantangla. aduyai. benda yang aku tak suka betul. nak buat macam mana kan. aku disarankan untuk tak makan makanan yang bersusu, pedas dan berminyak. lemah2. haiyak doctor! i will try my best to obey! ubat kenala rm16. interestingly, one of my medicine is written there 'charcoal tablets'. pergghh..hitam pekat kot. letak je dalam mulut boleh rase butiran2 tu cuba keluar dari the whole thing of tablet tu..aiyark~

p/s: alhamdulillah. i'm getting better. almost 80% recovered already. i need to minimize my spicy foods. how sad... =[