not in a good condition =[

hye peeps?? how's life going so far?? well it's been a week i haven't updated my blog. sigh... i've been attacked by a fever. at 1st i had this very2 painful sore throat on last sunday. lagi2 la pegi karok lak kat alamanda. lagu terakhir aku nyanyi: crawling!! memang merangkak terus tekak aku cakap sakit!!! hahaha

woke up on the next morning, wallah!! i barely to swallow my on saliva. damn painful! keja aku adalah tido sepanjang masa. i took my medicine. i didn't go to PK or any clinics whatsoever. i guess my temperature was also rising from day to day.

on tuesday, finally my classes started. very early in the morning. at 8am. then i went back to my room. had my early lunch. took my medicine and went to sleep. that was what i did throughout the weekdays. i had my evening class at 5pm. prof bahar tu memang mengajar syok sendiri. aku kadang2 kesian gak tengok. die mengajar punyala bersungguh-sungguh dengan sense of humor yg bley tahan gakla. tapi sayang tak dapat nak tarik perhatian student. sampai kul 7pm kot.

move on to wednesday. the best day ever. i've lost MY VOICE!!!! uwaaaa.... i woke up suddenly i couldn't spoke out fluently to my friend, rudy. oh man.. not even husky voice came out. it was totally awful! uhuk3~ at 1st i went to my fac giving back the hammer i borrowed for the fieldwork thingy. i met a few of my coursemates there using sign language. huhu. i went back to my college having lunch with weed. long tyme haven't met him. still the same. but i'm just pity on him. he needed to understand what was i trying to say. i just ate 2 begedil with 2 cloud 9. i lost my appetite. we chitchatted until before the clock strikes to 3pm. he went to work and i went back to my room. 

the best part --> around 750pm me with my men2: misal, miza, rudy, tiqah and aki went to sunway to have our dinner. steamboat style. we ate till we drop wey! seriously full to the max. my tummy was going to explode in any minute during that tyme. sedap! dalam aku yg xde suara pon melantak dgn enaknye. marshmellow pon ade with chocs! heaven. but the most important thing happened was we met a boy in a green t-shirt. handsome. muke cam ian. dj hitz tu. ngeee

senyum dlm kekenyangan =D

look closer at the right hand side....hehe

yesterday, on friday nite, me with miza, misal and rudy had our dinner at warta's. eating kfc with almost-to-finish-chilli-sauce-bottles. we laughed hard. serious! even i didn't finished up my twister (recovery kan)..hehe. after that we went back and headed to dectar to watch anugerah seni. it was closed ceremony. haha. i had no idea about that. we met weed. dorang baru abes perform 1st round. followed by dunno la what performances. we chitchatted at panggung seni and did captured few photos wearing masks. i heard weed playing his solo and it was cool man! orang dah expert kan compared to myself. oh ya, he played trumpet. =] and for those pics will be uploaded soon k!

p/s: i'm still in recovery state.. feel dizzy all the time. i coughed badly till all my tears rolling down. tired and i hope for a better next week. =]



get well soon kawan.

waney jalil said...

tima kaseh! insyaAllah.. =]

fariza mm said...

semoge cepat sembuh!! sian waney saket... cakap kat rummet tuh,, jgn merayau je...waney tga saket nih.. =P

misal said...

alaaaaaa..luv u la kat lab weekdays.:(

fariza:lu jgn nk jd batu api!

waney jalil said...

far: tima kaseh. asyik berat pale je far. and thx taw ajak g psr mlm skali.. =D

men: ya i noe..luv u too =]