the road not taken

i guess my friends have already noticed something
something that sounds familiar to them
inside my blog i suppose
about what??
if your answer is w, you are right peepz~!!

so i guess i need to stop mentioning about w
maybe you guys wanted other alphabets that need to be mentioned??
a?? z??
it's just not about alphabet
it's about story, journey
sometimes i don't even get it
i'm easily confused person
well that's me!

so is there anything to do with the title??
more or less yes!
because i've shouldn't
ya, the road is taken
i shouldn't choose that road from the first place
ya, i was wrong
but why am i still allowed
that flow to move by itself??
am i too blind?? too deaf??
no i'm not
because i'm ignoring my on feelings
yes! that's it!
good job! keep up a good work
you 'love' to do that don't you??

why am i the only one that suffered??
what about you huh mister??
don't you feel the pain too??
or you assumed this as a joke??
you looked calm, relax
nothing's happened
your heart totally changed into stone
i'm stoned to hear that!

i need to be careful
careful with my steps
with the road full of holes and mud
it makes things harder and difficult
difficult to believe
anxious as usual
but until now
i don't see that road
as easy flow as highways
do i need to build my on tunnel??
maybe i have to
whatever it takes
to clear my mind and soul

i've chose the wrong road. i failed to reverse myself. ='[


misal said...

i guess i know who is a n z dear?b hepi wif me dear~love u so much taw waney!

waney jalil said...

thx dear. ble mlm je bln mengambang. i guess im too much thinking kot kn??

i'm so relieved and grateful ade kwn2 cm korg yg memahami aku during my hard times. thx besties~!