rough note 2nd episode.

sleepy. yup. by right i need to get the strength to post for this entry.

frankly speaking, i'm a bit different right now.

not because i'm changing to be other person.

someone has changed me. changed me the way i communicate to that person and others.

but, again i've made the mistakes. the same thing i suppose.

damn. what's wrong with you wani?? can't you see that??

open your eyes bigger. as big as you can. if not open your heart wider.

seriously i'm a bit embarrassed. again i failed.

maybe i need to get a new formula. or at least the correct calculations one.

not simply taking any actions to step on.

i'm so sorry friends. i'm just don't even know how to differentiate things clearly.

i'm not that clumsy. i thought i have my own clearer, brighter future for **** thingy.

by just less than two weeks i failed to prove it right.

by the way, thanks for making me happy, smile with your jokes and messages.

i'm thrilled at the beginning. but it's getting cold in the end.

at least you have coloured my life more than i've ever expected.

i hope we can be friends forever. you are totally different from others.

i've just love the way you are. don't change it.

and i hope you don't know all about these. pieces of me.


p/s: it has nothing to do with w. let me keep all of these tightly and alone. but in silence only God knows my feelings on that particular person. love you people.... =] 


rozeeta rashid said...

dun be sad.. i'm here for u..

waney jalil said...

well u noe that u'r my everything. EVERYTHING!

seriously i'm depressed right now. it's like stuck inside of me for ages. i dont think i could handle this anymore. too much pain.

i'll tell u everything when i reach png k. love u!