after went back from langkawi

salam..aloha peeps?? *taking a deep breathe* hehe.. yesterday i came back here around 230 am local time. damn tired! slept for almost a whole trip i guess... =p

not much to share. but one thing for sure, I HAD FUN! weehuuuuuu! seriously. having a vacation with friends for sure will give lotsa sweet memories. even there were parts when we were attending the conference and we were like almost losing our minds what on earth are we doing in here?? boring to the max! it was like schoolers going to listen some sort of phD's talk. of course they'll blurr and know almost nothing. same goes to us! dingggg

the best moment for me was bermandi-manda at pantai cenang. we spotted the place to mandi for almost half an our ok..haha. after we decided then we jumped straight to the sea. so warm! hehe. with the girls were like doing train-pye-bentuk-sort-of-thing, while the boys were like doing sumo-thing, baling orang etc...haha!

so tht's all for the report. if there's any updated story then i'll let u guys know ok! *wink2*