calls...either telling a good news or in other way round. yesterday alone i've received 4 calls. that was good enuff since i'm in sem's break....haha. 

ok then. my 1st call came from my dear fren: men miza. b4 that i messaged her bout our fieldwork thingy. our superviser which is Prof. Dr. Mohd. Shafeea Leman did sent msgs to our wall on facebook. we need to find out our own hotel..which is pretty bad..dah xley stay kt awana porta malai lg ke??waaa!!!!!!!!!! erm, for this time our coming fieldwork will be a bit tougher, not bcos of panjating bukit but the processes of staying inside langkawi...pheeewhh!!!!!! and just realized, TUKUL XPNJM LG!!!! aduyai...luckily miza is still in kl area and will borrow hammer this afternoon..thx darl!! 

2nd call: from my dear rum8's fren --> mr. a. hahaha. misal2...nanti kte jmp blk sem siap kaw!!! =pp. i was surprised w/ his call. at least he concern bout catastrophic that happened to me last week. thx for the call. that's very kind of u.. =]]

3rd call: from my prof!!!! duh..dahla prof soh ktorg cntact die blk sbb num ktorg die dh xde.his blackberry kene air he going to scold?? ampun2... call plak mlm. so it must be something important right??..erm, well he told me that most of the hotels in langkawi are fully booked right now. WHAT???!!! abeh, nak dok tang mana???huhu...he asked me n miza to find any alternative ways. str8 away teringat zulfa...hehe. but i didnt ask her yet. bcos for prof himself die pon xde tmpt nak stay. and the worst part --> "klu dh xde tmpt kte kne cancel jela..."....kedebush!!! mak pengsan uolls.....nak mamps cancel?? tesis ak ciputt je kot contentnye..ape lg aku nk karang utk final sem nnt???? nooooooooooo!!!!!!! i'm gonna dead reaaaallllly soonnnn..........i am.....

4th call: i did wrote on my fb's status --> "waiting for u is like waiting for rain in drought season. useless & disappointing." abes my besties all asked me. am not trying to be as a jiwang person..xperlu kot...that' s so not meee.....huh!  dh geram, 2 days W didnt call me, w/o any reasons so i messaged W 1st. XREPLY!!! huh...abaikan..mmg dh bengang thp tenuk! 11:58 he called..angin ahmar mne nth dtg tbe2 tringt. so i picked up the phone w/o saying anything. totally silent. waiting for W to speak up 1st. xckp jgk. emm..malas den. ckp jela dlu. & as usual W's phone btul2 menguji kesabaran. very tingtong...mcm ckp kt oversea..blurrr n i heard W was mumbling, asking me for something but it was not clear at all. left another 5 songs more to be recorded -- he said. busy as usual. last2 he ended the call cos i couldnt hear the conversations anymore and continued w/ a few msgs. then stopped. he continued back his works. erm....

in the end --- i've received not-so-good-call from W afterall. am expecting something good news to be heard but it is just lasted for only a minute and a few seconds..wteva dude! malas nak layan. tgk cite jepun untitled yasuko to kenji lg baek. credit to amer sama for giving that story...thumbs up!!!!! teringt cte my boss my hero...gile super duper thumbs up!!!! gye sme r type wat muka2 senget...hahaha...ble la cte melayu nk wat cm2?? *thinking* ..knpem best!