WHAT?? u guys don't get it huh?? ok2..let me. act it refers to TAYLOR LAUTNER & TAYLOR SWIFT. r they in love?? *biting nails*.. erm..myb, I suppose. they seemed together lately, credit to paparazzi for doing their capturing pics thingy. here are some evidences.. =D

nice couple isn't it??

oopss! too big in size for a too hot pic.. ;)

i'm not sure where exactly this pic has been taken

Well, Taylor Lautner has used a Rolling Stone interview to praise his reported love interest Taylor Swift. He told the magazine the pair clicked whilst on the set of new film Valentine’s Day.

Taylor explained: “We got along great, we instantly clicked. And she's - she's an amazing girl. aside from being beautiful, she's extremely funny, charismatic and fun to be around, so we definitely get along. we're close.” since filming the stars have been spotted together on dates but have denied that they are more than friends.

Bout Taylor Swift, w/ her full name Taylor Alison Swift was born on 13th December 1989 is an American country pop singer, also referred to as a songwriter, guitarist and actress. actress?? erm..she's younger than me, way to much talents more than myself. and very2 cute!!!

Moving to Taylor Daniel Lautner, he was born on 11th February 1992, as an American actor and martial artist. gosh!!! 1992??!!! way too young for me..mcmla kapel ngan aku....LOL!!! he's too damn amazing & very damn dashing!!!! *drooling*..hehe. well, in twilight I do adore edward cullen but in reality, taylor lautner grabs my attention more!!! robert pattinson dh nmpk selekeh klu off the scene..xhensem dh..huhu

Watever it is, new moon is coming right away in theaters near you. so don't miss it guys!!!

p/s: let's hit the cinema. shall we?? =D