i waited. but it was hopeless.

i read yours. yes i was. am not reading your blog. but it was from your other networking stuff. speechless.... enuff said! YES I WAITED FOR YOU. WAITED FOR YOU TO SPEAK IT UP. TO SAY IT OUT LOUD. but what did i get was hopeless. useless. damn am stupid! frankly speaking i kept on thinking about you. not that frequent but at least i remembered you. but you weren't.  but the one i read just now was captured my attention A LOT! well i guess i know who i am. i should look back into the mirror and have to say sorry for myself for letting my stupid emotions control everything! i dont give a damn space for my mind to decide wise ideas and thoughts above my do's and don'ts about....err particularly about this one. ok then. just do whatever you like. got a month more to stay focused on my thesis as well as my final exams. wish me luck...academically. i don't mind about my love faith anymore. it wont work well afterall...the case has finally closed. ;)

love you guys!!

salam...hello peeps! how was your weekend?? sorry guys for not updating this blog..it's been awhile ya..hehe. well, i'm too damn bz. at last i already submitted my thesis. well that wasnt the final one. there's one more. more to come! haihhh....

tmrw all of my batch: i mean referring to my coursemates Geology UKM 07/10 are goin to klcc, early in the morning for pgce --> pgce's technical ppr 2 days in a row. im sure it's goin to give a good experience for all of us. ;)

back to my title actually..hehe. i'd like to take this oppurtunity to greet my new friends here!!! holla girlsss! thanks a million for dropping by and be my followers for this such awful blog =p.  insyaAllah i will update this blog asap k! muah3!!!!

GEO CAREER DAY EXPO officially ended.

alhamdulillah. at last our brand new GEO CAREER DAY EXPO has finally ended last evening. from very own --> my batch: proudly say 3rd yr batch of geology department, ukm. pls give a big applause to all the committee dammit! =DD i was just played a very very minor part but still i felt overwhelmed, excited, damn proud and congrats to all especially shilla for making this event a success and walllaaaah..it was superb man! 

but to you mr so-called king, pls don't proud of yourself. even to our lecturer, prof wan fuad, that filthy king just dont really show his manners. hello! you came to other's place and you made it like it was yours! korekla kepala sikit! dahla malukan kawan aku kat depan khalayak ramai. and ko takyahla nak demand lebih sangat bai. macamla tinggi tahap dewa sangat english ko. tak sedar diri. cukupla kalau ada 5 orang yang perangai macam ko dkt gov admin surely i'll say that malaysia is gonna collapse at any time w/o warning!

nak report kat dekan la. call sume lecturer la. who are you to make all those actions?? our leader?? our NC?? our godfather?? for god's sake! wanted to kick your *** la bro. nikmat hidup di dunia ni Allah kalau nak tarik sekejap je. and recently Allah bayar cash! so beringatla. jangan bangga dengan pangkat ko, nama ko, gaji 1 hari ko tu. tengok sajala billionaire melayu kita syed bukhari. tak hairanla dia kaya banyak kebajikan dia buat especially kat kedah and so kind to his workers. aku tahu sebab pakcik aku kerja di bawah dia. orang macam tu jadi idola atau sebagai contoh kepada anak2 muda takpela. kalau macam ko mekaseh jela yek!

so people! be good to people. be kind. don't scold ppl in front of others. it's totally rude! it's not the way to educate ppl in that way. think before you act! ok?? i know my friends wont do such irritating actions like someone did just evening.

i dont care about others saying bad things on my batch. ppl's mouth. so lazy to staple each one of them. or maybe if i kapoof-ed them then i'll be so gladful! i love my batch and we did a great job! it's normal to have mistakes. pls bear in mind PERFECTIONISTS --> pada yg perasan. we're not angel or god! so pls stop blaming or condemning at us. tell us nicely if we made mistakes. bukannya ktorg jenis tak mendengar nasihat. whatever it is, just left not more than 2 months already. so to all my coursemates good luck in finishing your thesis(es) and submit it on 22nd of march. i need to finish up by 15th to show it to my daddy before making 2 copies together w a poster.

at um during schlumberger's talk

at  MAKMAL PETA during our first rehearsal. don't hv to change to MAP's LAB la pkck KING oiiii!! 

to my dearly geologists: ganbatte ne! =D