alright then, now i'm going to tell you about my journey living in langkawi island. miza and i took a ferry about 830am. before that pakcik dollah, a good friend of my abah had fetched us from home to the jetty. during that tyme my abah wasn't around. he was in kl having some sort of seminar. we arrived at jetty around 8am and because we went there early, so took the 1st ferry which is been scheduled around 815am. =] gut. we went inside the ferry and as usual we were like strangers for others. reason: the rest are foreigners peeps!!! haha. normal.

we went there around 1115am. a bit blur, don't know what to do 1st. miza decided to call k.rasa asking directions heading to her house while i was looking and searching for car rental. 1st: i'm asking for the auto. hell no to manual. totally forgot the functions of clutch etc... ade ke patot die suggest kt ak soh gune kia?? ingt ak besaq ka nk bwk?? last 2nd: he suggested me to use wira. pheewh...good choice. both of us kene ketuk for rm110 per day so total up became rm440. =[[

after we put our bags inside the car then we need to go to lgkwi geopark's office to search for k.rasa. but then, we noticed that the indicator for petrol really showed straight to E!! bengong pya rental. nak bg sewa kt org xley isi minyak sket ke?? how nice. then we searched the petrol station mcm nak gle. couldn't find any of it. damn! then k.rasa called us. miza asked her where is the nearest petrol station. at last we found petronas. so waited there after awhile and followed k.rasa's car to her place. her apartment was purple in colour. we went upstairs, 2nd floor, we went inside and showed our room. it was nice. she gave the key to miza and she went to her office back. take 5 for awhile then we went out again to have our lunch. we went to langkawi pekan kuah. i don't even know the exact name. we went up to food court to have our meals there but it wasn't taste that good. nicht gut. huhu. then we just felt damn tired so we straight away went home.

i messaged our prof telling him that we already arrived there. miza and i just sit back and relax ourselves watching badminton cup that been held in jb. while miza was very hard studying langkawi's map to get the directions to pantai chenang. around 5pm we decided to go out and get to know the road so that we don't get clumsy for tomorrow morning. we went out, drove the car all the way to pantai chenang --> not using short cut! it was long dude.. almost 40 minutes to reach there. oh man.. it must other way to go there. so we turned back and just followed the signboard. it was shorter, easier. no need to go along the dermaga road or something. so from kuah i drove again heading to pantai chenang using new way and totally it was fast. ok. passed on that. then we saw night market somewhere where. we stopped by and bought something for our dinner. how coincident. i saw zulfa!! hehe. i screamed her name and she got shocked. she came there together with her fmly. we talked for awhile b4 going back. after we reached home we prayed and straight away ate! hungry oo... 3 hours straight driving. i packed myself for tomorrow's adventures and i'm sure it's gonna be tougher than usual. =]