aku meletakkan gamba ni sbb kejadian 2 ari yg bkl ak cte kt bwh byk brkisar di enjoy ya..*wink2*

yatta!! aloha...dh lme ak xpost kt cni.. a week i guess. i went back from langkawi last thursday around 530 pm. after that my abah and i rushed to sg. nibong to send my friend, miza back to ipoh. it was a great journey afterall. later i'll post my scheduled fieldwork k..

after we reached home, only then i sit on the sofa, trying very hard to take a deep breathe. serious shit i was tired on that moment until i forgot to take out my luggage out from the car..haha. i'm so glad that i finally reached home safely. paling penting tempat ktorg stay which is kak rasa gave us souvenirs from langkawi geopark..yeehaa!!

siap ak ltk skala lg..hehehe

ok..skrg cite psl ari jumaat: 11/12/09. ak bgn lmbt seperti biasa. then around 11 something kwn ak ni weed msg aku. trkejut gk dh lme xcontact ak. ingt dh xmo contact dh..huhu. ak pon melayan sajala msg die. suddenly die ckp die kat PENANG..WHAT???terkejut cipan ak bc msg 2. motif die dtg cni?? i was freaking shocked to death. i've never crossed my mind that he has already in here. die ckp nk jmp. ak tyela npe dtg cni. xmgkn holiday. and ble mase lak die de relatives kt cni?? DING!!! rpenye sedare die kawen ngan org cni. ok, prob solved. ak pyela tye die fmly sume stay mne. pyela die salah terang kt ak. at last around 315pm ak kua umah w/ my parents utk nk g jmp die. mule2 die ckp kt georgetown which is it was weird sbb die mentioned dorg stay kt pearl hill villa. die ckp hill pon dh taw no way tmpt 2 kt georgetown. tang mana lak georgetown tu ada bkt...hehe. nvm, outsider people. =p. pastu die ckp tg bungah. abah ak mmg bwla sampai situ and mmg xjmpala. ak kol die then die ckp die jmp kt petronas nnt. ak cme nmpk carltex je. erm. bley tye btul2 rpe2nye die kt tg tokong. mmg dh jauhla ak masuk.aiyark. so abah ak pon patah blk g kt tg tokong n bru nmpk kete die kt petronas tu. ktorg kua dr kete and he met my parents. salam sume then ak pon follow die. abah ak grk dlu. ak dlm kete die kemain gelak sbb die slh ckp. haha.

tyme ak smpai dkt 430pm. sejam dr umah ak. jam pnye psl. weekend kn. tp ni mmg jam dsyt gkla. ak de tye die taw x gurney plaza. nnt sng tggu kt c2 tp die xtaw. xpela. trpksala ak melajakkan dri ke dlm.slmt xsmpai bt. feringhi. hehe. die xckp awl2. nnt around 7 die kne blk sbb mlm de akad nikah sedare die 2. klu ak taw awal2 dh ktorg jmp. xdela die kelam kabut nk blk kn..hurm, so ak at 1st xtaw nk bw die g mne memandangkn left a few hours more je. so i've decided to go to queensbay (qb).  die act tkot nk blk nnt sbb tkot lpe jln. so smbil jln start je dr grney plaza tu ak aja die, soh die ingt landmarks cm2. nnt sng. lgpon jln str8 je smpai qb. then stop kt dpn umah ak utk nk tnjuk mne umah ak then pusing blk g qb. b4 that he was amazed with the buildings sbb die kte nmpk cm oldskul. he did mentioned that penang is like a 2nd singapore!! haha. taw pon die. b4 ni ak cte die ckp ak made up stories.. esp dkt beach st. ble die nmpk bgnn standard chartered. dh smpai qb ak tmn die mkn die ckp xmkn lg. ak mkn t0myam je. b4 tu ak dh mkn steak made by my mama. dh mkn kt c2 ktorg jln2 kjp kt dlm qb tu then kua trus dr parking. ak bw die jln2 kt tepi pesisir pantai smpai kt seagate. dh kt byn lepas. jam pon dh 615pm then we rushed back balik then die anta ak blk. ak pesan kt die blk leklok risau gk ngan dak outsider ni. dh smpai umah ak rht2 jp then die msg ak ckp jln tgh msg dkt ngan feri cm2. kesian lak. smbil2 tu ak bg directions n die trus kol ak. de gk die trlepas jln tp slmt die pndai pusing blk. finally around 730pm die smpai villa. huh. selamat jgk bdk tu blk. so that's the end for that day. ak jd part time unofficial tourist guide. sori gmba die ak xley upload. bahaya!! hehe

yesterday, ari sbt. ak kua ngan kwn ak, praktikumate msa kt m3x dlu.

namanya fatin wahida

kami brjmpa kt dpn lot padini. OMG!! sales are everywhere ppl!!!up t0 70% ok..mau juling mata ak..i saw $$ almost everywhere. at last we ended up buying l***r**s. hehehe. b4 dat kami g nek atas beli mvie tckets, bru nk p tgk new moon...rpenye fatin pn xtgk lg..yes!!!!!! de gang rpenye. ingtkn ak je makhluk peminat twilight yg plg lmbt menonton. hehe. so we bought the ticket at time of 425pm. tyme 2 bru kul 115pm. maseh awl. so ktorg decided g mkn dlu. at kenny's. ak cm bese mkn 1/4 meal tu.fatin makan spageti with desert yg sggh mhl 2..haha.gasak2. skali skala kn. no hal la. pas mkn ktorg jln2. looking for purse. i wanted to buy it tp still xjmp yg btul2 berkenan. so we just kept on searching and searching smpai jam pon almost 420pm. ktorg pon trusla nek atas went inside the cinema. it was fully booked. hell ya!!! cte dh lme pon still fully booked. mmg superb! mse tgh tgk tyme, part jacob took off his shirt i was like wanted to bite fatin's shoulder.. arrrrrrr. i'm roared. hahaha. u'r so looking damn dashing with that 6 pack. can i touch that?? =pp. edward kdg2 hensem kdg2 tgk cm nk mati pon ade. ya i know he's damn vampire but act he's originally pale and his hair is just like a mess!!! eeuwww~~ go jacob go!! im in team jacob.. who's with me just need to shake ur boom2..haha. my madness dh dtg finally.

abes je tgk ktorg jln2 then kt kaw tgh qb 2 de breakdance. sort of. kami pon tgkla sat. it was awesome. de yg cam MJ pon de. nnt ak nek atas stage wt moonwalk kang curi dorg nye greenlight lak kn. so xnkla. =p ak ngan fatin pon truskan kegilaan dgn mengambil gmba kt lua dpn qb 2. the decorations was nice. act kt stage dorg tu lg wat umah with lots of christmas trees. cantek2 and very tall. last2 ended up with a few pics outside the qb..

tamatlah sudah ceritera for a couple of days ago. nanti akan dtg cte psl LANGKAWI!!! =DD