rough note

erm..what's going on actually??
wanna know why
seriously I'm not the right person to ask
totally outsider 
I can't stop thinking about it
well, I won't and never get involved

why they have to get that ending??
there is no other solutions isn't it?? 
that scares me alot
I've seen that before to one of my besties
but in different situations

I was thinking
of this some sort of condition
and I hope it won't happen
I'm afraid it will happen at me
if i accept............
hurm, I hope not

I guess he's confused
neither that girl too
maybe because they were too young
in the relationship
not mature enough
to make wise decisions

is not about holding hands
it's about trustworthy 
looking for each other
that counts
more than everything

and nothing much I hope
everything will be good
is that suits you??
I don't know 
only that can make a distance
good luck!
not only for me 
but to both of you

happiness will come to you. with god's willing. =]


fariza mm said...

owh i like this note waney!

waney jalil said...

ilham that comes suddenly..thx far for being supportive! *hugs*